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HASNIHON Trading Co., Ltd. has mainly exported used cars and parts since 1999. It is now time to start importing and selling food from North Cyprus / Turkey, our president's home country. We hope that Japanese people will be able to enjoy foods made from high quality fruits bred by the grace of the earth brought by the temperate Mediterranean climate. By directly importing from the local manufacturer, we will reduce intermediate costs and deliver to everyone at reasonable price. We are offering with absolute confidence to the quality and price of food.

Company Name  : HASNIHON Trading Co., Ltd.

Address     : 1158-1 Nakashinden, Sayama, Saitama

Establishment   : March 25, 1999

Business contents  : Import and sale of food (mainly Turkey and North Cyprus)
          Import and export of used cars and automobile parts

President     : Hasan Nuri

Full-time staff   : 21 (as of December 2011)

Products handled   : Olive oil, fruit juice, tomato paste, Carob extract, lemon juice, others
           Used car, car parts, others

Main bank   : Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Shibuya Branch

       Musashino Bank Kawagoe South Branch

       Resona Bank Sayama Branch